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Tree Removal San Jose

El Nino is brewing, and is suppose to be the biggest to hit since 1997. What does that mean for us? Strong winds, heavy rains, flooding, heavy branch fall…and so much more. ARE YOU READY? From Tree Pruning to Tree Removal, we do it all. The last thing you want to wake up to is a branch that has fallen conveniently on your car.

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning are very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly as a property owner especially when there is a greater chance of a very big storm on the horizon. It is important that you have all of your trees inspected at he very least. Trees can be unpredictable at times and you just never know what the tree is going to do in a giant storm. With the drought and lack of water, soil conditions have also been altered therefore making a tree vulnerable. Heavy storms equal a number of equations you probably don’t want to know about, but also don’t want to find out when it’s too late.

Let us come in and take a look for you. Since 1995, when our owner/operator started this company, we have taken nothing but pride in the work we do to ensure your family is not only safe from falling branches but also your property. Our crews have been with us since the start and are also well versed in their craft.

When it comes to Tree Pruning, here are some of the techniques we apply:

  • Eliminating branches that rub each other, removing limbs that interfere with wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows, or obstruction of walkways and so forth…
  • Removing dead or weak limbs that pose a hazard or may lead to decay.
  • Removing diseased or insect-infected limbs creating better structure to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential damage to storms. 
  • Removing limbs damaged by adverse weather conditions.
  • Removing branches, or thinning, to increase light penetration.

And much more when it comes to maintaining your trees and ensuring that not only the health of your tree is o.k., but also your family and property are out of harms reach.

Tree Removals on the other hand are not a service we like to emphasize on but are a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that we will execute professionally and safely.

This is a last resort if we have any say in it. But safety is are utmost number one concern. From property damage to even death, Tree Removals at times are absolutely needed. But don’t take this matter into you own hands. Let us, the professionals take on this project for you. There is a lot of risk when it comes to removing a tree. With that being said, WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!

If you are as concerned as we are about this season and the imposing threat of El Nino being as strong as they are saying it’s going to be, you need to give us a call today. 

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, Inc.

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