Tree Removal San Jose


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Tree Removal San Jose

El Nino is brewing, and is suppose to be the biggest to hit since 1997. What does that mean for us? Strong winds, heavy rains, flooding, heavy branch fall…and so much more. ARE YOU READY? From Tree Pruning to Tree Removal, we do it all. The last thing you want to wake up to is a branch that has fallen conveniently on your car.

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning are very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly as a property owner especially when there is a greater chance of a very big storm on the horizon. It is important that you have all of your trees inspected at he very least. Trees can be unpredictable at times and you just never know what the tree is going to do in a giant storm. With the drought and lack of water, soil conditions have also been altered therefore making a tree vulnerable. Heavy storms equal a number of equations you probably don’t want to know about, but also don’t want to find out when it’s too late.

Let us come in and take a look for you. Since 1995, when our owner/operator started this company, we have taken nothing but pride in the work we do to ensure your family is not only safe from falling branches but also your property. Our crews have been with us since the start and are also well versed in their craft.

When it comes to Tree Pruning, here are some of the techniques we apply:

  • Eliminating branches that rub each other, removing limbs that interfere with wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows, or obstruction of walkways and so forth…
  • Removing dead or weak limbs that pose a hazard or may lead to decay.
  • Removing diseased or insect-infected limbs creating better structure to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential damage to storms. 
  • Removing limbs damaged by adverse weather conditions.
  • Removing branches, or thinning, to increase light penetration.

And much more when it comes to maintaining your trees and ensuring that not only the health of your tree is o.k., but also your family and property are out of harms reach.

Tree Removals on the other hand are not a service we like to emphasize on but are a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that we will execute professionally and safely.

This is a last resort if we have any say in it. But safety is are utmost number one concern. From property damage to even death, Tree Removals at times are absolutely needed. But don’t take this matter into you own hands. Let us, the professionals take on this project for you. There is a lot of risk when it comes to removing a tree. With that being said, WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!

If you are as concerned as we are about this season and the imposing threat of El Nino being as strong as they are saying it’s going to be, you need to give us a call today. 

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, Inc.

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Tree Removal San Jose


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The drought is real in California, are your trees prepared?

It is estimated that over 12 million trees have succumbed to California’s historical drought according to the U.S. Forest Service. Though the majority of these trees have met there fate outside of urban areas, unfortunately, we are now seeing a dramatic increase in heavily populated areas that are under extremely tight water restrictions.

With a mandatory 25% or more cut back in water usage, what we are finding is a major increase of trees becoming more susceptible to diseases due to the lack of water. In the Bay Area alone, residents have either cut back on watering, or have stopped all together which is now leading to a major problem for all of our trees. Arborists and State officials are now becoming more and more concerned about our trees for safety reasons.

The trees are simply not coming back and can’t take the beating of not having water. So with this all being said, we really need to start focusing on our trees. Here at Anderson’s Tree Care, we are here to help. If you have had even a single doubt about one of your trees, you need to act on it now before it is too late. Even with the water restrictions, there are certain times of the day you can water. We can make sure you are on the right time pattern and can help get your trees healthy again. By giving us a call today, we can set up an appointment with you and come out and assess all of the trees on your property to ensure the safety and well being of your family and neighbors.

Tree removal is not a service we like to emphasize, but it is a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that Anderson’s executes professionally and safely. Our goal is, and has always been, to provide services that keep trees healthy, but there are instances when removal is the best alternative for the landscape and owner of the property.

If you would like to find out more information, give us a call or click the links today!

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, Inc.

108 Stockton Ave

San Jose, CA 95126

(408) 226-8733

Tree Pest Control


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Do you want to wake up to this in the morning?

Tree Pest Control is very important and something everyone needs to take action on. California is in the worst drought ever and has claimed the lives of over 12 MILLION trees. But it’s not just the drought we need to be concerned about, but also insects. There are three types of insects we need to be concerned about and 4 types we all need to be on the look out for.

  • Chewing Insects
  • Boring Insects
  • Suckling Insects

And the 4 we need to be concerned about here in San Jose are:

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Asian Long Horned Beetle
  • Wooley Adelgid
  • Winter Moth

If you don’t know what you are looking for, it might very well be too late, and that tree that fell from your property, could very well be your neighbors new Jag.

Here at Anderson’s Tree Care, Our goal is to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. Anderson’s even has the necessary equipment to reach the tops of large trees to provide treatment. Our licensed applicators use sprays, pesticides and organic treatments when applicable to effectively treat a wide variety of pests including mites, gypsy moths, Emerald Ash Borer, deer ticks, winter moth and other types of intrusive insects that can harm your trees and shrubs. We offer Mosquito sprays, poison ivy treatment and soil injections for insect control. Our insect control philosophy is simple – use low impact treatments and natural, organic ingredients whenever possible to minimize the presence of insects while maintaining a sense of environmental responsibility

If you would like to find out more information or are concerned about your trees, CLICK HERE NOW!


Tree Removals


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Tree removals San Jose

Tree removals are not a service we like to emphasize, but is a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that we execute professionally and safely. Our goal is and has always been, to provide services that keep trees healthy, but there are instance when a removal is the best alternative for the landscape and owner of the property.

With that being said, remember, tree care is our top priority. We will do everything we can to avoid removing a tree.  Our experts will come out to your property and assess all of your trees. Our top priority is making sure your family and neighbors are safe. The last thing anyone needs is to come home to find a fallen tree which has injured a loved one or neighbor.  We will walk with you throughout your property and assess all trees and point out those that need pruning and those that are just fine. If we do happen to come across a tree that needs to be removed, we will get the job swiftly and safely.

Did you know?

Minus the removals aspect of our company, we offer a variety of other services that you may be interested in.

  • Tree planting
  • Pest Control
  • Disease management
  • Tree inventory
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Tree Pruning
  • 24hr Emergency services

Tree Care Industry Association

So if you would like to set up an appointment today or would like more detailed information on our services, please CLICK HERE today!

**Our Tree Removal Guarantee**

Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists offers a custom approach to residential and commercial tree cutting and tree removal services that is guaranteed to match your needs and budget. Our skilled, insured tree cutting and tree removal professionals guarantee that your job will be done safely and expertly.

Tree Pruning in San Jose



There is a lot to be concerned about when it comes to maintaining your trees on your property.  Some of the most important things that stand out are damage to your property, over growth, disease, broken branches and so forth and so on.

Recently we had done a job at a beautiful community park in Cupertino at Blackberry Farms.  The Eucalyptus tree we worked on, was directly next to a play structure that several kids would have played on.  This tree had a lot of over growth and if it had not been pruned could have led to several different scenarios.

  • Branches falling
  • Lack of sunlight
  • Disease
  • Tree ailment
  • Or worse…

That is why here at Anderson’s Tree care we make sure you and your family is safe and will take care of your trees and ensure through preventive pruning no situation or outcome will lead to this.

Our last job started like this and right next to the tree is a play structure.


But after,


Remember always to take after your trees and ensure the safety of all.  If you are questioning your trees, you are probably right and they need work done. To find out more on how you can take care of your trees on your property, DON’T HESITATE TO CLICK HERE NOW

Tree Care San Jose


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Are you looking for someone to make sure your tree’s are takin care of?


We are here for you and will ensure all of your needs are taken care of and you are 100% satisfied.

What makes us unique?

We handle everything, and here is a list of what we can do for you:

  • We offer tree pruning services
  • Tree removal services when it is called for or a dangerous situation
  • Root Pruning
  • Tree Pruning Services
  • Tree Planting Services
  • Pest control
  • Disease Management
  • Tree Inventory Services
  • Cabling and Bracing Services
  • Tree Fertilization
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

We are not your typical tree company and care very much for our environment but also the safety of your family.  No one ever wants to take down a tree and if we can’t help it, you won’t lose it.  Safety is a major priority and we will ensure you and your home are well taken care of through the services offered above.

As a family owned business we thrive and have built our reputation through our clients and have grown a reputable business through individuals like you and I.  We know what it takes and will get the job done “safely”, “passionately”, and “professionally” and ensure you are completely satisfied.

If you would like to find out more info on our services above, please call us today at

(408) 226-8733 or CLICK HERE today to find out more.

Welcome to our blog and we look forward to hearing from you soon.